Indoor Planters Set of 3 – White

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Add freshness and greenery to homes with planters

This stylish set of 3 Planters with a golden stand, made from Metal with some concentration of brass complete, includes elevated stands that ensure that your plant stands to look like a bit of art on your shelf. The baskets, as well as the stands, come as separate bits

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Indoor Planters Set of 3

A planter set with three planter pots in a metal frame is unique to display plants. The large non-planters with the rack are chic and fashionable, classic and minimal. The 3 vases and the fusion of alloy stand are a quirky décor accessory to add to any home.

The minimal design of the planter pots can be used as a table centerpiece for a plant or artificial flowers. It can be given as a gift on any occasion like a housewarming, anniversary or wedding gift.
Add artificial flowers or plants from the artificial blossoms section and make a flower arrangement or a new plant to use as a planter. The planter withstands a pretty addition to a dining room, living room or balcony garden. Complete your home decoration with this set of 3 black planters with a 3 golden stand.

Add freshness and greenery to homes with planters

It is possible to add freshness and greenery to homes with planters, whether it is on the ground or indoors, tables, desks and corners or outdoors in the balcony, terrace or garden.  With a variety of different materials like ceramic, clay, resin, metal, marble and wood, and designs ranging from elegant luxe to colorful cute to contemporary chic, our collection holds different unique designs that can blend in with your home decoration.

Planters are home decorative objects that elevate the aesthetics of the home. Planters can be made of a different materials which can serve different purposes. They can be made of clay, which can let water flow out and allows the soil and plants to breathe better. Resin planter are also available in the market which allows them to be moulded into different shapes such as animals, and vibrant colors that add quirk to any décor space. It is possible to make planters out of ceramic that adds a modern aesthetic look to your room.

There are planters that look good with greens and add fresh greens to the interiors. There are multiple uses for the planters and one can get creative with them.

Small planters with ceramic bowls can be used to serve munchies and snacks. The swing planters with gold metal frames can also be used to place on a desk with a to-do list and small office supplies in the bowl like paper clips and more. The planters with stand are good for storing toys, gadgets, remotes, wires and more. The resin planters in vibrant colours can be used as pen stands or party favors with candies and sweets inside them.

Add color and texture to your home with our flower pots and planters. Get a piece of mother nature within your walls with our Macramé wall hangings or decorate your balconies with the Metal planter stand or ceramic vases with metal stand.

Our planters keep your living room feel green and vibrant despite what the weather’s like outside. And if there’s lot of space in your apartment you can get the Metal Planter set of 3 to stack your flora or elevate your room decoration

Plant pots are made of multiple materials. Plant pot materials can be metal, wood, plastic, concrete and ceramics.

The different characteristics of each material will need to be treated differently. For example, you can pour soil and raise a plant directly inside a concrete or ceramic planter pot. However, a flatwoven basket plant pot will likely need a plastic inner pot to prevent water from spilling out, so be careful before choosing your planter. consult our team before making any purchases.

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Planter size

6 inches

Stand sizes

18, 21 and 24 inches




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