Geometric Dodo Bird Room Decoration showpiece

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Give your table a Modern Makeover!

Made with painstaking perfection and attention to detail, this figurine is a must addition to your curio collection. Add it to your living room décor, office desk or use it as a perfect gift option for your loved ones. Very elegant, very royal!

Across religions, countries, and beliefs, birds are considered a symbol of love, liberation, and freedom.
This geometric single Bird Sculpture is perfect to add an abstract modern feel to any space.
Crafted in the matte finish it delivers a minimalist yet impactful look.
Its durability, premium-ness, and design make it a classic gift for any occasion.

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Geometric Dodo Bird Sculpture

This geometric Dodo Bird Sculpture is perfect to add an abstract modern feel to any space.
Place it on your side table or add appeal to your workspace with its vibrant colors and antique design.
It is a perfect piece of modern art and contemporary design that can up light the look of your living room, bedroom, and even your workspace.

Accessorize a mantel or side table with this striking sculpture. Finished in a smooth matte color, this abstract set is sure to catch your guest’s eye. Channelize your inner energy with our chic deco tabletop abstract figurines.

Table Decoration Showpiece

It is obvious that showpieces add charm to the interiors of any place. Every object can be a table showpiece, that’s the best thing about showpieces. Anything can be kept as a showpiece if it pleases the user’s table decoration philosophy.

A home is what you make it! Make your house a place for memories to be born by turning the four walls into a home with aesthetic décor. Home Décor can be found in India since the royal era. Everyone loved decorating their homes during that time. Home interior decoration plays an important role in setting the ambience and surroundings of your house, changing the lighting or color can affect its feel. Before going for a home makeover, it’s vital to grasp the theme you wish, the interior decoration showpieces that may slot in, and also the placement of those showpieces to avoid stuffing. If you like classic, then you can pick a traditional or vintage theme. If you prefer current market trends a modern or contemporary theme is the perfect choice for you to follow. The décor of your home expresses who you are. Therefore, follow your heart and go for a theme that speaks aloud your style. 

There are myriad options to dress up your center table. But we’ll tell you how to style your tables the right way. Here are some simple, easy to put together ideas along with some simple styling rules to help you out!

Tips to master your Table Decoration Game

You can master the art of table decoration with a few useful tips. Take a cue from these wonderful styling tips and never go wrong with table décor again.

Plants can act as a pick-me-up instantly! It can liven up your room. Greenery is always in fashion and you should give this trick a try, to provide it with a lot of embellished feel, use vases that can also employ ornamental centerpieces that suits your living room decoration idea. If you want a low-maintenance option, you can pick up small pots of plants. Check out our Table Centerpiece vases: 

  1. Mystic Story Planter with gold metal stand.

If you don’t have a lot of stuff to display on your center table, or are waiting to pick up some beautiful pieces, there are still ways to get creative. Try by placing a pretty planter on your center table decoration to save it from being lonely. Vintage or contemporary, both work fine! Lace or applique, choose one that matches your room.

Table decoration can be a tedious task because if not set right, it can mess up your ambience and surroundings. Thistle house offers a wide range of table decoration, centerpiece sculpture & ornaments. You can choose from different table centerpieces according to your need and size of the table, some of our best selling table centerpieces are Crystal Apple Tree, Geometric Single bird sculpture, Dodo bird sculpture & Couple bird sculpture

Candles can be an amazing companion to your table décor, more so, when they are tiny and embedded in the jar, Just like our range of scented candles. Table decoration ideas for special moments like this one may be difficult to achieve but are an absolute stunner when accompanied by our wide variety of candles ranging from Orange Scented Candle, Chocolate Scented candle & Strawberry Scented candle.

Even though you’re throwing things together like candles, pottery and more, you still have to keep things neat and tidy. It’s a good idea to put your items in a tray before putting them on the center table. A snazzy tray will add character to your décor and keep your things together. For this, we’d suggest using modern epoxy trays.

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7.5 x 6 x 6 inches




1 N Dodo Bird Sculpture

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