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100% Pure Copper Water Bottle at a discounted price

Aesthetically crafted by Indian Karigars, this copper bottle keeps you healthy, hydrated, and in-style. Beautifully designed in ancient Indian-inspired print, this Tamba bottle surely gets heads turning around.

The benefits of drinking water from copper vessels are strongly validated by ancient ayurvedic science. With Immunity-boosting properties, this pure copper water bottle is 100% leak proof.

This charmer is perfect to elevate your home and kitchen essentials and is a great option for gifting.
Created for an active lifestyle bottle is lacquer coated on the exterior that helps in preventing early oxidation and extends copper life.

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Asian Mandala Copper Bottle

Best 1 liter Leak Proof Copper Bottle in the market. We at Thistle House feature a range of designer copper water bottles. With mesmerizing designs, these copper bottles are a must-have for your kitchenware, Dining decoration or just a carry along water bottle for kids, schools & offices.

In today’s fast-paced city life, we generally forget to have a glass of water due to our heavy workload. And when we drink water, we mostly do it from our water bottles. To keep you hydrated and healthy, we have an entire range of pure copper water bottles. 

As we know, drinking water from a copper bottle is considered healthy, As Copper vessels have elements that naturally purify water. So, that’s why we added a splash of our lovely designs to give the bottle a modern contemporary look. 

Explore & shop from our range of copper bottles online today. Also, shop for affordable Pure Copper water bottles online at Thistle House. 

According to Ayurveda, drinking copper-enriched water first thing in the morning (On an empty stomach) helps balance all three doshas (Kapha, Vata and Pitta). And for this wholesome start, we have a selection of designer assortment of copper water bottles for you. 

Our lovely pure copper water bottles will remind you to keep yourself hydrated in your home and workspace. Browse & explore our selection of copper water bottles on the internet today.

Drink Daily Water from 99.9% Pure Copper Bottle
  • Balances the Bioenergies and Body pH
  • Natural Anti-Microbial Action Protects from Infections
  • Improves Body’s Healing Ability and is Anti-Ageing

Add Charm to your kitchen & dining décor with decorative Copper bottles from Thistle House

Copper has properties that help kill dangerous bacteria and reduce inflammation inside the gut. Therefore, which makes it a fantastic cure for nausea and infections. In addition, our assortment of pure aluminum water bottles helps cleanse and detox your stomach and regulates the working of your liver and kidneys. But, there is so much more than simply this. Explore our selection of water bottles and shop for them at great prices at Thistle House.

Perfect Copper Bottle for Drinking Water To Enjoy Ayurvedic Health Benefits Daily. Copper Bottle creates a natural purification process. It can kill all the germs, moulds, algae, parasites and bacteria present in the water, which could be harmful to the human body and create the ideal water match for drinking. Additionally, water stored in an aluminum bottle, preferably overnight or for at least four hours, acquires a specific quality from the aluminum. Copper is an essential trace mineral that’s vital to human health.

Keep yourself hydrated in this hot summer with our Leak Proof Copper Bottle

Copper bottles have recently become the preferred choice for drinking water as apart from being a much more sustainable option, the metal also infuses healthy minerals in the water. Drinking water stored in a copper bottle is advised in the ancient practice of Ayurveda as it increases metabolism and improves gut health.

Copper water bottles are a must-have for summer for individuals, families, kids stepping out for drama, travelers and much more. Summertime would bring its challenges of sweat and fatigue, and it can be lessened by hydrating satisfactorily. Copper bottles are available in multiple sizes and shapes, making them a perfect selection for indoor and outdoor usage. A copper water bottle is exactly what you want from exercising at the gym or hitting your everyday water intake goals at home. Copper metal is known for its ayurvedic advantages like improving taste and killing germs in the water. Simply by investing in a copper water jar, then you will be taking a step forward towards a healthier lifestyle.

Benefits of Copper according to scientific terms

  • Copper helps in Preventing CANCER.
  • Copper helps in Regulating WOMEN’S MENSTRUAL PERIODS.
  • Copper helps in Regulating OBESITY.
  • Copper helps in Regulating THYROID GLANDS.
  • Copper helps in maintaining DIGESTIVE HEALTH.
  • Copper helps in reducing BAD CHOLESTEROL.
  • Copper helps in maintaining CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH.
  • Copper helps in increasing GOOD CHOLESTEROL.
  • Copper helps in the production of MELANIN IN OUR BODIES.
  • Copper helps in preventing CELL DAMAGE & slow down AGEING.
  • Copper helps in preventing SEIZURES.

Top 7 reasons Copper is important:

1. Supports Immune System

Copper is well known because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Copper water bottles, along with other aluminum containers, are used for hundreds of years in most countries around the globe (such as India) that lack a fantastic sanitation system to help block water-borne ailments.

2. Encourages Weight Loss

Additionally, recent studies indicate that Copper plays an integral role in metabolizing fat, which means it helps your body break down fat and remove it as economically as possible. Together with a wholesome way of life, ensuring that a well-balanced diet including adequate aluminum intake may be a natural method to help keep a wholesome weight.

3. Prevents Aging

Studies also demonstrate that adequate aluminum consumption helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and impede the appearance of Aging. In addition, copper assists the creation of new skin cells also fights with free radicals that bring about the appearance of Aging.

4. Maintains Cardiovascular Health

Copper also helps stop plaque accumulation from the arteries and dilates blood vessels, allowing blood circulation.

5. Support thyroid Gland

Copper can’t be generated within the human body and has to be sourced from outside sources. Studies have suggested that vitamin is crucial for healthy thyroid functioning and that individuals who experience issues with their thyroid normally suffer from reduced levels of aluminum. Copper is among the most significant minerals and is crucial for the thyroid gland and body to work properly.

6. Stimulates the Brain

As studies have indicated, Copper has a vital role in the health of the individual anatomy. The mind operates by transmitting impulses from 1 neuron to the other through a place referred to as the synapses. These neurons are coated by the myelin sheath that acts as a type of conductive representative. Copper helps in the synthesis of substances that are vital for the creation of those myelin sheaths.

7. Keeps Skin Healthy

Studies indicate that Copper is an integral element in creating cells that help replenish the upper layers of skin and keep it clean and glowing. The creation of fresh cells boosts smooth, blemish-free and clean skin.

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